Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SL Project One ( x 2 )

Wed, 23 Jan 2019

So here we go with a bit of a new thing

We have always said that the best bike shop should be staffed by cyclists committed and dedicated to all things ' pedally ', in and out of work and Eurocycles is no exception - we sell bikes, we ride bikes, we read about bikes- its a 24/7 thing for us. We love coming in to work to find new models arriving, new products to test or sneak previews that we may or may not be able to let you in on. 

We hope you find our news features interesting - it may be road , mountain, e-bike, retro workshop jobs or maybe even staff bikes we put up here but hopefully you will see that even with the may years in the trade that we all have, we still have bikes coming through the door that make us stop and stare.


For our first feature here we have a matched pair of Trek Top Fuel 9.9. the same bike as ridden by the Trek pro race team 

If you weren't aware of #projectone check out the link below but be prepared to lose swathes of time as Trek custom paint and spec options means you can make your bike as stealthy or as loud as you like.



But what do you do when even #projectone is not enough, well you upgrade to SRAM XX1 gold transmission throughout to give that extra bit of colour to your custom paint scheme! Staggeringly light, fantastic paint schemes, pro level transmission and suspension- on these bikes there is no excuse for not going fast.  

Opinions are split between us at the shop as to which colour we prefer, but thats the whole point of the #projectone scheme- your specification on a choice of seven different road and mountain bikes and your bike personalized to suit you.


There we go, first feature of the year - keep following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ( links at the top of the page) and we'll let you know when the next one is going up.


Happy Pedalling.


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