• Wheels

    Most people don’t realise the heart of your bike is the frame, but the wheels are the soul. 

    Upgrading your wheels is the most effective way to improve response and speed of your bike. Whether you are looking for durability, stiffness, aerodynamics  or weight saving, we stock a range of wheels to upgrade to.

  • Tyres

    Tyres are of huge importance, they are your contact point with the surface on which you travel over. They can differ greatly in weight, durability and tread pattern. 

    Mountain bike tyres vary a great deal in tread pattern and volume, depending on the intended conditions and use.  Some road bike tyres can offer improved puncture protection for training purposes or commuting. Road racing tyres are always lighter and sacrifice durability for weight saving and lower rolling resistance.

  • Helmets

    Cycle helmets have moved on a lot from the old ‘hair net’ style, which offered very little protection from impact. 

    The modern cycle helmet has been around since the early 80’s and has vastly improved in weight , ventilation and style.  Cycle helmets protect the head by reducing the rate at which the skull and brain are accelerated/decelerated by impact.  They are made from expanded polystyrene and are intended to crush, dissipating the impact and act like a shock absorber.  Almost all cyclist nowadays wear a cycle helmet, it’s quite unusual to see a cyclist not wearing a helmet.  Eurocycles stock  a large range of helmets for men, women and children.

  • BMX Accessories

    We have the largest stock of BMX, accessories and parts from United, Mongoose, Fit, ANML, Blank, Stolen, S&M,  Visit our shop today and see whats new in! Remember, even if you can't see it on the shop floor, we can advise and order it in for you.



  • Clothing

    Specialist cycle clothing makes life on a bike much more comfortable and enjoyable. 

    Especially shorts, once you get over your initial reaction to the look, you’ll be surprised by the comfort and functionality that comes with wind  cheating lycra!  If lycra is not your style, mountain bikers often wear a more relaxed baggie short which offers the same comfort during longer rides.

    Whether you are road riding and looking for close fitting air resistant clothing, or wind blocking, water proof fabrics we have a great range to select from.  Commuters are also catered for with various high visibility garments.

  • Shoes

    One of the most important contact points between you and the bike.  Cycle shoes are purpose built and are more efficient  at transferring power from the cyclist to the pedal. 

    The stiff and rigid sole of the shoe reduces flex and transfers your energy and effort into driving your cycle forward.

    All modern cycle shoes are designed to be used with most clipless pedal systems and vary from road, off road, touring or casual cycling styles.

    We stock shoes from the leading manufactures including Bontrager, Sidi and FiveTen as used by many top professional and amateur athletes around the world. Call in for advice and guidance on a shoe and pedal combination which is suitable for your needs.

  • Lights

    Don’t lose all that hard earned summer fitness when the evenings start to draw in.  Improvements to bicycle lights in recent years give you no excuse. 

    Whether you are hitting the trails, road riding or commuting we carry a large range of lights at all prices.  From basic emergency back up lights to the latest rechargeable trail riding lights.  We will guide and advise you in investing into a lighting system.  Good quality lights keep you safe, make you visible and make winter riding possible and enjoyable, also they will last for years.

  • Nutrition

    The best thing about cycling is you can eat what you want – right?  Well sort of. 

    You can for sure consume more calories, but the right diet will give you more energy, fuel your body and help you lose weight.  Depending on your goals or targets we can advise you on your nutrition.  We have products to help you perform longer or aid recovery after a hard day in the saddle.  We stock various energy drinks, energy gels and bars to help you refuel before, during and after rides.  

  • Maintenance

    To ensure you get many years of enjoyable cycling it is very important to clean and maintain your bike correctly.  We stock and advise on various equipment which can help your bike run smoothly.

    From simple puncture repair kits, multi-tools, chain splitters to repair stands and specialist tools, we can help.  Also stocked are various chain lubes and cleaning agents to fight off the worst of the grime.

  • Bike Racks

    We stock a wide range of Bike racks for cars along with various different storage options.

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