2019 Trail Bikes

Thu, 07 Mar 2019

Whilst the idea of a bike for every type of riding appeals to many of us, the truth is we'd always end up being on the wrong bike for where our rides take us on the Island- thats where the trail bike comes into its own, the one bike to do every thing
What is a ‘trail’ bike?
There are many varying interpretations of this, but we have defined ‘trail’ as a full suspension bike that will be fun and reliable for trail centre adventures, local rides, epic rides in the British mountains and Sunday razzing alike. These aren’t bikes for Enduro World Series thrashing, and they aren’t lightweight cross-country steeds either. They balance weight, geometry, and practicality in order to ensure fun times are had on the flat, the uphills and the descents too.
These are versatile workhorses that can take a hammering yet still have a spring in their stride when the going gets flat. (RedBull.com)

This looks like being one of the hottest contested categories of 2019 , with new platforms from Cannondale and GT as well as a personal favourite of the staff here , the Trek Fuel EX range .

All coming with efficient 130mm travel suspension platforms, high spec wide range transmissions, big tyres and big brakes means big fun so you can hit some big stuff after climbing the numerous hills. Adjustable linkage designs mean you can run them low and slack or flip the chip, steepen the angles and get yourself set for the End2End.
With prices starting from £1599 and going way way higher if you fancy spending more on a carbon version (dont let us stop you!!), there is a model to suit every rider.   
Check out some of the reviews below or pop in for a look at the bikes in store.
" The rear suspension of the Fuel EX impresses with its supreme sensitivity. When climbing and riding on flowing trails, it works best in Trail mode." (enduro-mtb.com)
"....the carbon frame serves as the perfect base to build up to a stellar trail bike that rides fantastically." GT Sensor Carbon Elite  ( Flow Mountain Bike )
"It wasn’t until my most recent ride aboard the Habit that I really figured out what it is best for: good old-fashioned mountain biking. In a world where marketing teams and product line managers are designing bikes for specific uses, it seems that Cannondale has made a bit of a generalist."   (SWITCHBACKTRAVEL.COM)
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